First Ladies

Hello world!

We are Sam, Alison, Kelsie and Joana, four girls from Canada spending the next seven months in beautiful Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua.  Where is that you ask?  Pearl Lagoon is located on the South East Coast of Nicaragua and has a completely different vibe and culture than the rest of the country.

Instead of speaking Spanish, the majority of people in Pearl Lagoon speak Creole English.

Instead of being Mestizos, the majority of people in Pearl Lagoon are of Afro and Indigenous descent.

And instead of your average gallo pinto, expect a coconut flavoured twist!

We are working with Pueblito Canada and their partner organization here in Nicaragua, FADCANIC (Foundation for the Autonomy and Development of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua). We are working on the CIDA-funded project called MyBEST, which supports and improves bilingual education in indigenous communities in the municipality of Pearl Lagoon.  We are training teachers in managing a bilingual classroom in all 12 surrounding communities, and are aiming to improve the quality and accessibility of pre-primary and early primary public education for indigenous and Afro-descendant children.  We will be dealing with issues related to gender equality, violence in the classroom and at home, international best practices in early childhood education, and accessibility of education for students with learning disabilities, among other things.

Our blog title “Walking in the Rain or Get Wet” goes back to a saying that came up in our training prior to embarking on our adventure relating to maintaining a positive outlook in the face of challenging situations: You can either embrace and enjoy the experience (Walk in the Rain) or focus on the negative (Get Wet).

Each blog post will be done individually as we would like to avoid telling a single story. We believe that multiple stories give a richer understanding.

We will regularly update this blog pending on access to internet.



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