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Greetings in good Estelí fashion from your Pueblito Canada IYIP interns, Julia, Sasha, and Stéphanie. We come from different parts of Canada and are here in Estelí, Nicaragua to support the work of FUNARTE (La Fundación de Apoyo al Arte Creador Infantil), an arts-based education organization.

Originally from Mexico and now based in Toronto, Julia Matamoros Sanin is working with the gender team on a project to prevent violence against women. The project “Involucr-arte, Arriesg-arte, Transform-arte” (Involve Yourself, Risk Yourself, Transform Yourself) is running on its fourth year this August.

Sasha Hanson Pastran was born in Estelí to a Nicaraguan father and Canadian mother and has spent the majority of her life in Saskatoon. She is here to work on a project called “El Color del Afecto” (The Colours of Affection) which works with children in grades 3-6 in the communities of Quilalí and Telpaneca in the north of Nicaragua to develop their psychological, social, emotional, and creative capacities.

Stéphanie Keller-Busque is from Montreal and is part of two projects: “Colores Primarios II” (Primary Colours II) and “Arte y Cambio” (Art and Change). “Colores Primarios II” works with grade 1-3 teachers of the five municipalities of Estelí in collaboration with representatives of the Ministry of Education and “Arte y Cambio” works with students and staff of the three public secondary schools of urban Estelí to advance a culture of peace and non-violence.

All of FUNARTE’s projects promote artistic expression with the purpose of transforming socio-cultural conceptions and educational practices surrounding childhood development. Their work began 24 years ago at the end of the Sandinista Revolution with mural workshops for at-risk youth in the community of Oscar Gamez, Estelí. Their work has since evolved into different art projects around the country involving a broad range of social issues, actors, and collaborations to advance the inclusion and participation of youth in Nicaraguan society.

Learn more about our internship experiences with FUNARTE through this blog. We will take turns keeping you updated on our individual journeys—stay tuned!


Julia, Sasha, and Stéphanie


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