Celebration Time

Written by: Catherine Wilson

Leading up to October 30, there had been much talk about Autonomy Day in Pearl Lagoon and the sound of drums could be heard throughout Lagoon as students practiced for the marching bands. Even though the coast isn’t completely autonomous it’s a day for them to celebrate why autonomy is important for them. Autonomy day is a lot more important than Independence Day out here since they feel like their independence hasn’t come yet. Last weekend they had a Ms. Autonomy pageant, where 10 young girls from the surrounding communities of Pearl Lagoon participated in a beauty pageant. It took place at the auditorium at PLACE and it was packed. People stood outside the building looking in through the windows.  We missed the beginning, but when we got there each girl was dressed in different sports outfits (volleyball, basketball, baseball) and would come out one by one and and strut like models down the stage. The crowd cheered when the Pearl Lagoon contestant came out. She ended up winning and is going onto Orinoco to compete in Ms. Atlantic Coast. The winner from there gets to go on to compete for Ms. Nicaragua!

After they modeled the sports jersey’s they dressed up in what looked like traditional clothing depending on where they came from. They also had a bikini competition, an evening-wear competition, and had to answer questions.



The morning of Autonomy Day I walked to the stadium where the students were all sitting and there were many speeches. Then they paraded around the town and ended up at the Cancha, where there were competitions between marching bands and performers.It was a great day filled with excitement and celebrations!





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