Written by: Alison

These past couple of weeks have been full of celebration here in Pearl Lagoon!  Last Monday we hosted a special Canada Day with Canadian food, Canadian music and unique Canadian traditions for our close friends.  The day of preparation for this fest began at 6am when we ventured to the Nicaraguan version of a butcher shop – a home where a cow had been killed that morning and was being chopped up to sell to those who reached early enough to get some.  When we arrived, the chopping was still in progress and we had to be careful to dodge the pieces of flying bone.  After our successful purchase of five pounds of beef, we proceeded to buy Pearl Lagoon out of their potatoes and received a couple of strange glances as we asked for 4 pounds of flour, 2 pounds of sugar and 8 small packets of cinnamon.  If you haven’t been able to guess what we were making yet, think Canadian…..poutine and beaver tails of course!


Our favourite person in Pearl Lagoon, Warner, owner of Warner’s Restaurant and Bar, graciously let us take over his place for this event.  Sam and Joana began the invasion of the kitchen at 4pm and by the time myself and Kelsie joined a little later after basketball practice, the kitchen was full of the delicious scent of cooking meat and the potatoes were chopped and ready to be fried.  The beaver tail preparation was a little bit of an experiment and Joana even broke a sweat kneading the dough.  By 7pm our guests were beginning to arrive and we were ready!  The first impressions of the food were a bit hesitant and evoked comments such as “It looks….original”, however as soon as the first bite was taken it was an instant hit with comments now relating to “complaining” that the boys had a bigger portion and seconds being requested.  Poutine is now a daily conversation topic in the office, the recipe has been shared and is sure to become a future Pearl Lagoon favourite!  


The night continued with another Canadian tradition – great conversations around a bonfire. The “Canadian” music wasn’t as popular as the food but it didn’t stop everyone from ending the night with some dancing. We all woke up smiling the next morning reminiscing on what a perfect night it had been.


Birthdays are always occasions to celebrate as well and last week was Ms. Ingrid’s grandson Dante’s 1st birthday.  Ms. Ingrid’s daughter had just returned to Pearl Lagoon from the USA that week and threw the most incredible birthday party for her son.  Not only was it a monkey theme with monkey decorations hanging everywhere, but there were literal banana trees set up around the house.  Approximately 60 people were there, 30 of them being kids of varying ages and there was never a dull moment.  There was a DJ playing music, a life size Buzz Lightyear piñata, and absolutely delicious food.  Happy 1st Birthday Dante!   


This past week marked the arrival of the new group of interns who are here until December working with us.  It was exciting to finally meet them and they arrived just in time to celebrate my birthday this weekend!!


If you’re away from home on your birthday, your family and friends are on your mind.  However, my friends here made sure that I had the most amazing birthday possible.  Saturday night we all had a great time dancing the night away at Warner’s leading into a relaxing Sunday morning and afternoon for me (the girls were busy baking me a surprise birthday cake!). On Sunday evening, we all got dressed up, the girls gave me my birthday present of new earrings to wear with my dress and I was led to Queen Lobster restaurant. A table was set up out on the dock and we had a delicious dinner right on the water.  After dinner a group of our friends showed up to share birthday cake and end an amazing weekend.  It was a memorable birthday to begin what is sure to be a memorable year.      



6 responses to “Celebrations

  1. Sounds like a fantastic Canada Day celebration. We missed not being able to clelebrate your birthday in person with family but are glad you were able to celebrate with your friends.

  2. Hi Alison, so nice to hear from you, and I’m so happy you had such a fantastic birthday with your friends around you 🙂 It sure sounds like you are enjoying your time there 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

    aunt Ann 🙂

  3. Hi sweetie, Happy birthday! It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time and experiencing lots of exciting adventures. We all miss you. So glad you had celebrations with your friends. looking forward to all your photos. I’m so proud of you.
    love you,
    aunt Sav

  4. Sharing a bit of Canada with your new friends–what a great way to celebrate Canada Day! We missed you for your birthday, yet are so happy that you had such a very special birthday celebration 🙂

    • hi beautiful niece, you look fantastic, great photos. It seems that you are really and truly love you work there, we are all so proud of you and I am sure that everyone there are grateful for all the work that you are doing 🙂
      take care and see you soon 🙂

      love, aunt Ann

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