The Heat

It is hot! We have been here for a month now and the average temperature is above 30 degrees . We were originally excited for rainy season because we thought it would cool everything down,  but it just keeps getting hotter: the rain actually releases the heat from the ground and makes the air thicker and hotter. Despite the heat we have still joined a basketball team, gone for morning runs, and once walked from town to town during the hottest part of the day – which we will never do again.

The sun comes up at 530am and we venture out into the heat for our morning run. We run to Awas – a small village about half an hour away. Our morning runs consist of people asking us what we are practicing for, avoiding herds of cows ( huge scary big horned cows), and kids showing us “water dogs” – we still don’t know what these are exactly. We have been told they are like seals but will continue our investigation and let you know.

The most excruciating  heat moment has been while playing basketball. The season started our 2nd week here and myself and Alison joined the team the “Beginners”, which is one of four ladies teams in the area. As the only white girls (although Alison hardly even counts as white anymore) we are kind of hard to miss. Everyone knows who we are and it has been a really great way to meet people. Our schedule is very Nicaraguan and we find out an hour before we have a game. Games don’t really have set times to start, the score keepers are 5 years old and its a trend to be wearing two different shoes.  Its pretty much a free for all mess, but so much fun!

The basketball court is one of the most popular places here in Pearl Lagoon. Its also known as the “cancha” and the centre of the town. When the end of week comes people are always out watching the games. We have played 4 games so far and are in first place! Alison scored her first basket yesterday when we won 34-16!!!

Our team is doing a fundraiser for uniforms this weekend. Our team came up with the idea of selling the white girls buuuuttttt decided they liked us so we’re selling pies instead. Our responsibilities include buying a pound of lard and butter then selling pies and tickets to the “fest”.

I’m not sure how selling us is really an option, the sun exposure and heat has left us with what we refer to as “Sweat bubbles”. These are new to us and are what happens when you only use an umbrella for rain – they are also for the sun and protect you from getting burnt. After you are burnt from the sun, the sweat gets stuck under your burn and forms little bubbles all over your skin – pretty attractive!

At night it sometimes cools down and the locals go out to watch the NBA playoffs. Its one of the most followed sports in Pearl Lagoon and Miami Heat is the favoured team by far! Game seven tonight, Go Heat Go!

Written by: Kelsie

The Cancha

The Cancha

Huge scary big horned cows

Huge scary big horned cows

Morning run to Awas

Morning run to Awas

Morning run to Awas


4 responses to “The Heat

  1. Kels! I would also like to see a picture of these skin bubbels u refer to!! Lol Looks like this adventure has been nothing short of amazing so far!!! So happy for u! Post more again soon. lOVE U! Jen. 🙂

  2. That’s our Alison. Ever since she was a baby, as soon as she saw the sun, she’d turn dark..Glad you scored your first basket sweethear.
    Love, Dad

  3. I’m the second early childhood intern that will be joining you next month! Happy to hear you ladies go for morning runs!! 😀 Looking forward to meeting you all very soon

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